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Loctite Pipe Thread Sealant: The better way to seal pipe threads and fittings

Instantly seal fittings
and pipe threads
Protect against corrosion while
preventing contamination

Instantly seal fittings and pipe threads

What do leaks mean to you?

Loctite® pipe thread sealant seals threads against moisture, preventing rust and protecting against corrosion and galling. They cure to a solid thermoset plastic and will not break down to enter into the system they are sealing.

The Loctite product line includes:

  • Exhaust pipe sealant
  • Gas pipe sealant
  • High temperature pipe sealant
  • Plastic pipe sealant
  • PVC pipe sealant

Pipe Dopes = Shrinking

Over time, pipe thread dope and pipe thread seal tape can find their way into the sensitive areas of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, resulting in blockages to ports or unseating valves.

Loctite®'s best pipe thread sealants are solvent-free and will not shrink or crack like solvent-based pipe dopes. They cure instantly to create a pipe sleeve seal, and fill the space between threaded metal parts and assure 100% sealing, preventing any leakage.

Pipe Dopes = Corrosion

Conventional pipe dopes and thread tapes cannot prevent corrosion. Loctite® pipe thread repair products protect against seized and corroded assemblies, while preventing contamination.

Loctite® Pipe Thread Sealant: A Better Way

Available in a variety of controlled strengths, Loctite® pipe thread sealant provides superior performance to pipe dopes in both durability and cost. There’s no faster, easier way to assure minimum downtime and maximum equipment performance.

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